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Kids Quran tutor

  • Finest online Islamic school is presenting kids Quran tutor using Skype.

Muslims who are eagerly wanted of about learning Quran, but do not enough time to travel to Islamic institute. We are a global online Quran explore academy for giving online Quran Teaching services specially foucus to elders and kids that helps Muslims to learn to read Quran with Tajweed- online Quran classes - kids Quran tutor interactive Skype Quran classes with our tutors.It works with learners of all ages. All you need is a headset, computer with internet connection. kids tutor on Skype with pleasant, audible, sweet – sounding voice on Skype, all Teachers are highly proficient in Arabic, Urdu and English .

kids-Quran-tutor | online Quran Explore

Memorise Quran online

Muslims folks want to become a Hafiz to their kids but due to unavailability or shortage of physical tutors and memorisation of Quran is not simple it require long time and full concentration by the teachers and kids interest.Online Quran explore academy have full strenght of well Qualified and hafiz-e-Quran teachers who have competency and full command on teachig and hadling the students so donot worried that your kid is unable to read and memorize Quran. Online Quran Explore is here to help you out by teaching you Quran from our online kids tutor. Our kids tutors are providing Quran learning services online including Learning Quran for beginners, Tajweed lessons, Read and Memorize Quran and Islamic teaching.All Teaching method are state of the art to motivate kids for Quran learning.

Benefits of kids Quaran tutor at Onlinequranexplore

Onlinequranexplore is giving you the following benefits by giving you Quran lessons.
•  Three 3 free trial classes
•  Interactive online Classes
•  Learn at your own home very conveniently
•  Day and Time of your Choice
Affordable fee packages

For further details regarding the courses- E-Quran academy offered and their outlines, please visit the individual courses page on our website.