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Read Quran online

Quran, the Final Holy Book of Islam, is the ultimate source of blessings and Barakah for all the Muslims from all around the world. Read Quran online The Divine Message encompasses every aspect of human’s life and provides valuable guidance on all the matters of life. Young or old, every individual can seek the guidance and enlightenment from The Holy Quran. Quran reading and learning online for kids any time through Skype, easy memorizing opportunities, increased level of understandability of the verses of The Holy Quran through English and Urdu translations of these verses, professional teaching of these Holy verses by our adept professionals and availability of all these packages at prices everyone can afford easily.


Read Quran online in arabic

These Read Quran online in arabic courses at Online Quran explore are a great source of Quranic learning for Muslims from all age groups. They are of highest importance for the beginners who have just started with their Qaida classes. Our easy to understand methods of teaching the Read Quran online free courses (three days free trial) will make this process of learning easier than ever. Apart from these basic learning Quran school facilities , adults or new Muslims, who wish to enrich their knowledge of Islam, can explore our courses for gaining a better comprehension of what Quran has to say about various issues of life. We have complete arrangement for the understanding of all the core concepts of Islam, including the five pillars that make the building of our Emaan strong. You can read/learn each and every detail about the offering of five prayers, holy Islamic beliefs, Islamic guidelines for fasting, 6 Kalmas and other basic Islamic teachings. We also provide our readers an opportunity to access the Hadith Shareef of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). These learning Quran school facilities can be availed with great confidence and satisfaction once you get yourself registered for our Read Quran online courses. Before you opt for getting yourself registered with us, take a look at the details we have given on our website regarding our eQuran programs -read koran with tajweed list of faculty members and their eligibility for performing the prestigious job of teaching Quran to all the Muslims and the methods we follow to guarantee you of 100% satisfying results.

Quran Memorization schudule

With all these convenient features,Online Quran Explore provides phenomenal opportunities to the Muslims to enlighten their minds and hearts with the precious teachings of Islam, without disturbing their daily routines.Quran memorization schedule All you need is a reliable Internet connection, a headset and a personal computer in your vicinity. Register yourself easily for any of our courses and start your Read Quran online classes whenever you wish to. You can openly communicate with our teachers and discuss all the queries you have regarding Reading Quran lessons . Our efficient Skype software enables you to feel like sitting in a classroom and taking the lectures live. We have free Noorani Qaida and Quran downloads in PDF format and eQuran videos available on our website as well. We offer all such resources online that will make your Quran learning experience a life changing experience indeed!

Read Quran online free

Online Quran Explore has some competitive edges that our viewers should know about for making the

  • Right decision. These prominent features include:
  • Online Quran explore teaching academy working in close co-ordination with each other and offering an assortment of programs for all sorts of students
  • Read Quran online courses designed carefully according to the needs and demands of our highly qualified and professionally trained faculty for Quranic teaching
  • Application of strong teaching skills possessed by our teachers as per their extensive experience in their respective fields
  • Each faculty member having sound knowledge of more than two languages for ensuring great results and covering Muslim students from diverse backgrounds
  • Online classes without any breaks, pauses or buffering due to the availability of high speed Internet facility and sturdy connections
  • No worries of losing your data due to power outages or disconnections. We have back-up for all.
  • Facility of Read Quran online with tajweed Classes available for the students of UAE, UK, Australia and the US
  • One to one Online eQuran classes for students from all age groups
  • Assurance of sincere guidance and complete attention of our teachers given to each individual student
  • Average duration of a class is 30 minutes, with the flexibility to extend the lecture according to your convenience.
  • Facility of a free three days trial
  • Freedom of carrying on with the classes or quitting whenever you feel like

your Quran learning experience a life changing experience indeed!

For further detail join us our magnanimous courses and get free registration and other courses e.g. Islamic teaching free of cost.

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